Florida HD #17 – A look back to 2012

With voting tomorrow in the GOP primary for Florida State House District #17, here is some data from the last Republican primary in this district, in 2012:

Ron Renuart was the incumbent, as this district was previously  Florida House District #18.  He drew two challengers in the August 14, 2012, primary, and the voting was somewhat close:

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This district is entirely contained within St. John’s County.

We have precinct-level voting data, but that can be a little cumbersome, so I decided to break the data down by the postal Zip code of each precinct’s polling place:

Florida HD 17 2012 R Primary Votes by Zip Code

Over half of the votes were cast in two Zip codes: 32259, in the northwest corner of the county (a suburb of Jacksonville), and 32082, Ponte Vedra Beach.  Renuart was from Ponte Verde Beach (32082), while Davis (32084) and Kendall (32092) were both from St. Augustine, in the middle of the district.  So, where did Renuart achieve his margin of victory?

Florida HD 17 2012 R Primary Votes by Candidate by Zip Code

As can be seen, almost all of Renuart’s margin came from his home area in Ponte Verde Beach.

And, was turnout in any one area especially high?

Florida HD 17 2012 R Primary Voter Turnout by Zip Code

Not particularly.

In our next post, I’ll use some of this work to analyze Tuesday’s primary voting in the Special Election being held to replace Renuart, who resigned his seat in this district to run for the vacant seat in FL Senate District #6.

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