Who am I

A quick note about myself:

My name is Dave Beaudoin, and I analyze election & voting data for local, special, runoff, and less-closely followed elections nationwide.  My writings and analyses are meant to be independent and non-partisan, and I do not work for any political party or interest group.

I have had a passion for following, researching, and writing about politics and government for almost twenty years.  In 1998, I founded and wrote an on-line newsletter, called “Inside the Booth,” which covered national and local political election campaigns.  I produced over 65 bi-weekly editions which featured news summaries, analysis of voting results and campaign finance reports, and detailed predictions of election outcomes.  Many previous issues of “Inside the Booth” can be viewed at: https://web.archive.org/web/20010606193801/http://www.insidethebooth.com/stidx_1.htm

I am happy to respond to questions about any of my research and analysis.  Feel free to contact me at dbeaudoin@localandspecialelections.com

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