Georgia Special Election Runoffs – HD #50 & HD #120

It appears that all votes have been counted here except for provisional ballots in these two races.

In HD #50, Brad Raffensperger defeated Kelly Stewart by about 150 votes, despite finishing 2nd by about 50 votes four weeks ago.  Total votes cast in the runoff was 17% greater than in the initial round of voting.  Raffensperger is the first candidate to win a Special Election Runoff in Georgia after finishing 2nd in the Special Election since Tom Kirby did it three years ago in HD #107.

I will be eager to look at the precinct-level results when they come out to see if Raffensperger’s margin came from a certain part of the district, especially when compared to January’s results.

In HD #120, Trey Rhodes won the runoff over Jesse Copelan by a similar proportion as in the Special Election.  Total votes cast in the runoff was about 8% less than in January, although provisional ballots may change that number slightly.

The total number of votes (5,074) is the second-most cast in a Georgia House District Special Election Runoff in the last five years.  The most votes cast in a House Special Election Runoff was, again, Tom Kirby’s victory in HD #107, back in March 2012.  However, that runoff was held on the same day as Georgia’s Presidential Preference Primary, which surely helped voter turnout quite a bit.

Here again, the precinct-level results should be very interesting.

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