Louisiana Special Election Results – Saturday, February 21

Saturday’s voting in three special elections for vacancies in the Louisiana State House went pretty much as expected.

HD #26 (Alexandria) – Former Alexandria Mayoral candidate Jeff Hall cruised easily to victory, getting 84% of the almost 4,000 votes cast.  Daniel Williams was 2nd with 11% and Alice Hammond got 5%.  Unofficial voter turnout was about 16%.

HD #49 (Lafayette) – Attorney and champion marksman Blake Miguez absolutely demolished John Bering, with 93% of the vote.  Although only about 2,900 people in the district voted (approx. 11% turnout), that is a very impressive showing, and one which will get noticed.  Miguez is only 33, so if he finds politics to his liking, I’m guessing he will get talked about for statewide office fairly soon.

HD #66 (Baton Rouge) – I thought this race would be close, and it certainly was.  The three GOP candidates took 90% of the votes, as independent Susan Nelson finished 4th with 11%.  Buddy Amoroso bested Darrell Ourso by just 35 votes, and those two will now square off in the general election on March 28.

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