Maine Special Election – State RD #93

The special election in Maine’s State Representative District #93 along the coast is the most prominent election being held Tuesday.  There is background information and an analysis of projected voter turnout here.

Today, I examined data associated with Absentee Ballots, since Maine provides detailed information about when these types of votes are requested and received.

Maine Election Data Spring 2015

Given that Democrats only won this seat by 135 votes in November, I think they should be very concerned at the high rate of Absentee Ballots returned by Republicans in this district.

Maine Special Election – State Representative District #93

Election activity is somewhat limited on this coming Tuesday, March 10th.  However, there is a special election in Maine’s 93rd State Representative District, which comprises the towns of Rockland and Owls Head, in Knox County, along the coast.  There, Democrat Elizabeth Dickerson was narrowly re-elected to her second two-year term in November, but she had to move out of state, and she resigned her seat in January.

The current party composition of the Maine State House of Representatives is 78 Democrats, 68 Republicans, and 4 Independents.  Democrats held 88 of the 151 voting seats just before the November 2014 elections.  Maine has a Republican Governor (Paul LePage) and Republicans just won majority control of the State Senate in 2014.

The nominees for special elections in Maine are done by party convention, which produced the following candidates:

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