Local & Special Elections Update – July 14 11:45pm

On Tuesday, the six elections in Georgia produced three winners- Sheri Gilligan in the HD #24 runoff, Marie Metze in the HD #55 runoff, and Betty Price, who won the HD #48 special election outright.  We also now have three more runoffs, scheduled for August 11, in HD #80, HD #146 and HD #155.

There was already some early discussion about tonight’s results as they came in which took place on my Twitter feed, and I recommend that you follow me there if you don’t already.  In summary, there were some surprises, but not too many, and I’m looking forward to reviewing what actually happened to try to improve my analyses.  I actually can’t wait to dive into these races further, but it will have to wait a bit.  I’m excited to be taking my son on a college visit tomorrow.

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