Georgia August 11th Special Election Runoffs – Early Voting

In-person advance voting ended on Friday for tomorrow’s August 11 runoffs in Georgia House Districts 80, 146, and 155.  The totals below for each county reflect all ballots cast through Friday, August 7th.  I have also noted in parentheses the number of absentee mail-in ballots which have been requested, but not yet returned; these will be valid if they are received by Tuesday.

Here are the latest tallies, through Aug. 7:

Fulton County (HD #80) – 57 (15)
DeKalb County (HD #80) – 287 (121)

Houston County (HD #146) – 2,332 (35)

Ben Hill County (HD #155) – 387 (27)
Coffee County (HD #155) – 32 (0)
Irwin County (HD #155) – 351 (8) (Note: Irwin County had in-person early voting for one week only)
Tift County (HD #155) – 176 (6)
Turner County (HD #155) – 376 (7)
HD #155 Totals – 1,322 (48)
And here are the totals of advance and absentee ballots in the July 14 Special Elections in those districts:

Fulton County (HD #80) – 55
DeKalb County (HD #80) – 264

Houston County (HD #146) – 2,037

Ben Hill County (HD #155) – 478
Coffee County (HD #155) – 31
Irwin County (HD #155) – 356
Tift County (HD #155) – 202
Turner County (HD #155) – 326
HD #155 Totals – 1,393
At the end of the first week of early voting for these August runoffs, I noted that the ballot totals were ahead of July’s pace in HD #80 and #146, but off significantly in HD #155.  I also noted that such comparisons between August and July early voting were made difficult because of the timing of the Independence Day holiday.  Now that early voting is substantially complete:

  • Overall, early voting in both HD #80 and HD #146 will likely wind up about 15-20% higher for the August runoff as compared to the July special election. Since there are only a handful of unreturned absentee ballots in HD #146, that 15% projection can be used stated confidently.
  • While early voting might be as much as 30% higher in HD #80, due to the large number of absentee ballots still outstanding, I don’t think the final numbers will be anywhere near that high. In the July election, there were almost 100 absentee ballots which were either never returned, or received after Election Day.  I’m guessing the same thing happens to about half of those 121 absentee ballots that are still out.
  • The low number of early votes cast two weeks ago in HD #155 was primarily due to Irwin County not holding advance voting that week.  In-person voting there was available during last week only.  That district’s early voting totals will probably end up just slightly less than in July.

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