Charlotte Mayoral Election – A look at who voted in the 2015 primary

There is a second primary (or runoff) to determine the Democratic nominee for Mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina, on Tuesday since no candidate received more than 40% of the total votes cast in the first primary on September 15th.  Then, Jennifer Roberts was first in the six-candidate field with 35.8%, and will face incumbent Mayor Dan Clodfelter, who was second with 25.8%.

In advance of tomorrow’s voting, I analyzed the Mecklenburg County Voter Data file for insights into the make-up of the Democratic electorate of the September 15th first primary (with a comparison to the make-up of those who voted in the 2013 Democratic Mayoral primary, as was noted here):

  • Almost 20% (19.3%) of those who cast ballots in September’s Democratic primary were unaffiliated voters.  These voters, along with unaffiliated voters who did not participate three weeks ago, may vote on Tuesday.
  • The 2015 Democratic primary electorate in Charlotte was predominantly female, especially among those who were registered Democrats.  Of the over 31,000 voters in September’s primary, 61% were women, and 64% of registered Democrats who voted were women.  The unaffiliated voters who participated in the Democratic primary were almost evenly split by gender.  This is similar to 2013, when women made up about 63% of Democratic primary voters.
  • Black voters comprised 55% of those who voted in September’s Democratic Mayoral primary, including 63% of those who were registered Democrats.  Interestingly, unaffiliated voters who voted in this primary were overwhelmingly white (70%).  The percentage of black voters in the 2015 Democratic primary is down significantly from two years ago, as I estimate that 70% of those who voted in the 2013 Democratic primary were black.
  • The median age of those who voted in the 2015 Democratic primary is about 59, which is slightly older than the median age of 2013 Democratic primary voters, which was 56.

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