State Legislative Special Elections to be held on Nov. 3, 2015

There will be special elections for 24 state legislative seats in 12 states next Tuesday.  I listed them out and classified them by type of election in a handy chart you can print and use as results are reported on Election Night:

State Legislative Special Election Listing Nov 3 2015

A few quick notes:

  • Special General Elections are those contests where primary elections have already been held to select nominees, either by political party, or the “top-two” system (WA).
  • Non-Partisan Special Elections are those where multiple candidates have filed to run, regardless of party affiliation.  If no candidate receives a majority, a runoff will be held.
  • Special Primary Elections are contests to select each party’s nominee for a subsequent general election.
  • Uncontested Special Elections indicate those cases where only a single candidate filed to run and will appear on the ballot.
  • In Washington and New Jersey, state legislative vacancies are temporarily filled by the party which last held the seat until the next general election date.  The “Party Composition” numbers listed above exclude that interim member in those states.

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