2016 Candidate filing – Arkansas State Senate

The filing period closes today in Arkansas for the 2016 elections, and all week I’ve been tracking potential primary and general election matchups.  While I’m not certain that the listings on the webpage of the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office are final (the deadline was noon Central Time), here is a current summary.

The Arkansas State Senate has 35 members, with 17 seats up for election in 2016.  Of those 17, eleven are currently held by Republicans, and six are currently held by Democrats.

Ten incumbent Senators (8 Republicans & 2 Democrats) are unopposed in both the primary and general election.  In addition, there are two districts which will feature Republican party primaries with no general election opponent.

Therefore, there are only 5 districts where the party who will hold the seat after the 2016 elections is not known, as can be seen from the table below:

Arkansas State Senate Control

Finally, the chart below identifies where the contested races will be in the Arkansas State Senate in 2016:

2016 Arkansas State Senate Candidate Filing Nov 9

Of particular note is the GOP primary in SD #34 (North Little Rock) between two current office-holders: incumbent State Senator Jane English and State Rep. Donnie Copeland.  Also, Democratic incumbents in both SD #22 and SD #27 will be trying to hold districts which only gave President Obama about 40% of the vote in 2012.


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