Local & Special Elections – February 16, 2016 (RESULTS)

Here are the results from yesterday’s local and special elections, with the biggest surprise being the closeness of the Milwaukee Mayoral race:

In Alabama HD #5, Republican Danny Crawford defeated Democrat Henry White by just under 700 votes, 59% to 41%, to keep this seat in GOP hands.  As expected, most of Rep.-elect Crawford’s margin came from polling locations in central Athens, and the neighborhoods to the north.  Former Rep. White only won a handful of precincts, which were to the south and west.  Voter turnout was slightly over 13 percent.

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Local & Special Elections – February 16, 2016

Here are the local and special elections of interest today:


The spotlight contest is in Alabama State House District #5 (Athens), where former Athens city councilman Danny Crawford (R) faces former State Rep. Henry White (D) to fill the vacancy caused by the passing of Rep. Dan Williams (R) last summer.  Rep. Williams unseated Mr. White in 2010 and won a rematch in 2014, taking about 56% of the vote each time.  And while the Democrat likely started this campaign with greater name recognition, the Republican nominee, Mr. Crawford, has emerged from a five-candidate GOP primary in September (that we analyzed here), and defeated current Athens city councilman Chris Seibert in a December runoff (that we analyzed here).  Those two rounds of voting have surely elevated Mr. Crawford’s profile, especially among reliable GOP voters, and with this area being so Republican, a Democratic win here in northern Alabama would be a pretty stunning result.  The current party composition of the Alabama House of Representatives is 70 Republicans, 33 Democrats, and 2 open seats.

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Connecticut State Representative District #121

There is a special election today in Connecticut State Representative District #121 in Stratford, to fill the vacancy caused by the passing of longtime State Rep. Terry Backer (D), who had served this area since 1992.  The Democratic Party nominated current Stratford councilman Joe Gresko, while Republicans nominated former Stratford Board of Education member Susan Barksdale.  The current partisan composition of the Connecticut House of Representatives is 86 Democrats and 64 Republicans.

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