Local & Special Elections – February 16, 2016 (RESULTS)

Here are the results from yesterday’s local and special elections, with the biggest surprise being the closeness of the Milwaukee Mayoral race:

In Alabama HD #5, Republican Danny Crawford defeated Democrat Henry White by just under 700 votes, 59% to 41%, to keep this seat in GOP hands.  As expected, most of Rep.-elect Crawford’s margin came from polling locations in central Athens, and the neighborhoods to the north.  Former Rep. White only won a handful of precincts, which were to the south and west.  Voter turnout was slightly over 13 percent.

In Georgia HD #58, political newcomer Park Cannon (D) defeated former State Rep. Ralph Long III (D) by 200 votes, also by a 59%-41% margin, to retain this seat for Democrats.  Ms. Cannon was dominant in some areas, carrying 7 major precincts with 70% of the vote or greater.  As I noted yesterday, most of those areas were likely to be in the northern section of the district, while Mr. Long’s strength would likely be in the southern and western parts.  Mr. Long won the 2 largest precincts (by a margin of 60%-40%), but won no other major precincts.  Voter turnout was less than 4% of registered voters.

In Wisconsin, there was little doubt that the April 5th Spring Election for the State Supreme Court would be between appointed incumbent Judge Rebecca Bradley and Appeals Court Judge Joannne Kloppenburg.  But I was slightly surprised at how close yesterday’s voting was.  Judge Bradley came in first with just under 45%, Judge Kloppenburg had 43%, and Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Joe Donald wound up with 12%.  The margin between the top two finishers was just under 9,000 votes.

Not surprisingly, Judge Donald did best in Milwaukee County, an area which Judge Bradley carried by a narrow margin.  Voter turnout statewide was about 12.5%, which was above the state’s estimate of about 10%.

In Milwaukee, 3-term incumbent Mayor Tom Barrett received 46% of the vote against three challengers, as incumbent District 8 Council member Bob Donovan received 33% to join him in the Spring Election.  Council member Joe Davis, Sr. took 19% of the vote.  Much had been made of the fundraising disparity between Mayor Barrett and his challengers – the incumbent had over 15 times the amount of cash in his campaign account on February 1st as his three opponents combined (as noted here).  So it is undoubtedly a surprise that the candidate with such a huge financial advantage and nearly-universal name recognition received less than a majority of the votes yesterday.


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