South Carolina State Senate District #4 – GOP Primary

There is a Republican primary on Tuesday for the special election in South Carolina Senate District #4.  This district includes parts of three counties in the western part of the state.  The seat is open due to the passing of Republican Billy O’Dell in January, who served as State Senator in this area for 28 years.

Listed below are the five Republicans running to replace him, along with the amount of cash on hand as reported in their latest campaign finance reports filed earlier this month:

  • Rockey Burgess, $43,432
  • Willie Day, Jr – $932
  • Michael Gambrell – $76,889
  • James Padgett – $31,397
  • Anthony Powell – $0

Messrs. Burgess and Gambrell have each loaned their campaign $50,000, while Mr. Padgett loaned his campaign $20,000.  Those three candidates are the only ones who reported campaign expenditures totaling more than $1,000.

I didn’t have the opportunity to analyze the addresses of this race’s campaign contributions, given the work I did on today’s runoff election in Arkansas House District #88.  With 5 candidates in the field, a runoff (which will be held in just two weeks, on April 5th) seems pretty likely.  And it’s not too bold a prediction to say that the two runoff participants are likely to come from the pool of those three candidates who have loaned and spent a meaningful amount on their campaign.

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