Runoff and Special Election Results from March 22, 2016


The Republican primary runoff in State House District #88 that was extensively analyzed here wound up being somewhat less close than I expected.  This was not a special election – this race was for the GOP nomination for this seat in the November general election after Arkansas’ full primary three weeks ago.

Unofficial results from Washington County, Arkansas are summarized below:

Arkansas HD 88 Results R Primary Runoff

Voter turnout was quite a bit higher than expected, at about 7.7%.

It will be interesting to see the precinct-level results to compare to both the results from the March 1st primary and my detailed forecast.  Yesterday, all eligible voters were able to cast ballots at one of 9 voting centers in the County, so vote tallies by precinct are not yet available.

South Carolina

As noted in my preview yesterday, there were five candidates running to be the Republican candidate in the special election for Senate District #4, but only three of them had spent a meaningful amount of money on their campaigns.  As expected, two of those three advanced to the runoff in two weeks, on April 5th:

South Carolina SD 4 Results R Primary

In both of the above races, there are no Democratic candidates.

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