Mississippi HD #89 & #106 Special Election Runoff Results – Nov. 30, 2016

Here are the election results from yesterday’s two State House runoff elections in southern Mississippi, as reported by the Associated Press on the Jackson Clarion-Ledger‘s website:


As was discussed in yesterday’s preview, physician Donnie Scoggin’s win in HD #89 was not much of a surprise.  Voter turnout was actually pretty strong in that race, with almost 3,000 votes cast.

The number of votes cast in the HD #106 runoff was also a little higher than I expected for the Tuesday after a big holiday weekend.  However, the closeness of rancher/farmer John Corley’s win was not.  With the votes in the original Special Election having been split so evenly among 5 candidates, this runoff outcome figured to be very unpredictable.  I am very eager to see the results in this race broken down by precinct, given some of the trends and correlations I noted in my preview.  I plan to share more about those findings when the detailed county results are reported to the state in a few weeks.

As I noted yesterday, there is no change in party control for either of these seats, and Republicans have strong majorities here in both the State House and State Senate.  The next regular elections for executive officers, and the state legislature, in Mississippi is in 2019.


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