Special Election – Delaware Senate District #10 (Feb. 25, 2017)

There is a critical special election today which will decide control of the Delaware State Senate. I’ve been getting up to speed learning the blocking and tackling for my new role over at Ballotpedia, so I wasn’t able to do any detailed analyses. Ballotpedia’s coverage is here, and Brandon Finnigan over at Decision Desk HQ has a short preview as well here.

I did create an historical results/tracking sheet for this contest, which you can use to follow along as the results are reported tonight.

Delaware State Senate District 10 data

More about Minnesota HD 32B (SpecialElex on Feb. 14, 2017)

With as many as half a dozen Congressional special elections on the horizon, and a critical State Senate election which will decide the partisan control of that body in Delaware later this month, why am I so interested in a Minnesota State House special election on Tuesday in the far northern suburbs of the Twin Cities region?

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